BiGYEC @ Manchester Airport & BBC TV Studios


Following the success of previous BiGYEC business orientation trips, on the 28th of July 2012, The Young Entrepreneurs Club set off to Manchester to visit Manchester airport and Media City. After a year which saw several club members win National and local Business awards, the trip was a chance to relax, have fun, understand how these International businesses operate, and get motivated.

Like every visit we’ve been on, this was an inspiring day with lots to take away and apply in our businesses, jobs, studies. We started off at Manchester Airport where we were given a guided tour. We learnt about how the airport operates; everything from how it manages customers, lost baggage, the technology used to scan baggage, how maintenance and cleaning work is scheduled around ‘down’ periods, and ultimately how the airport makes money, such as through their car parking systems.

In addition to the tour, we were also given a presentation which covered not only the history of the Airport, but also the history of the Concorde plane, including why it was discontinued after 9/11.

The tour guide also taught us that it’s important for businesses to tailor the service they for their audience. He said that the best way to do this is to understand your audience: who they are, where they are and what they like and dislike.

After visiting the airport, we went on to a tour of the BBC TV studios at Media City. This is where a lot of the BBC shows are now filmed, so we were all excited to see how the shows are made.

A big highlight of the tour was when Sam, Billy, Wasim and Crystal got to work with the BBC crew to produce an impressive version of the BBC Breakfast. Billy and Sam were the presenters, Crystal prepared the autocue, and Wasim presented the weather report.

Then we went on to visit the BBC Radio 6 studio and learnt about how radio shows are produced. We got to see the BBC Radio 4 Studios as well before going on to visit the Blue Peter studio, where we got to learn a lot of trade secrets. The room was smaller than it looks on TV, but it was still very impressive especially with all the cameras and lights around.

Not only was the tour of the studios a fantastic and fun experience, we also came away having seen how a TV studio is run as a business. We saw why it’s important to pay close attention to detail, because the audience are very likely to notice any inconsistencies during the shows.

For example, the tour guides told us about how radio listeners call in to complain that the way the characters have been written is unrealistic, or the sounds being used aren’t real enough.

We also saw why it’s important to keep things practical. For example, the ornaments on the shelves of the Blue Peter studio are glued down to prevent them from falling off. Lastly, we learnt that it’s important to be persuasive when communicating with your audience.

Overall, the day was fun and gave us all a better understanding about how International Businesses are managed. The importance of knowing,understanding and listening to your audience was something we learnt a lot about, and something that will stay with all of us.