Satellites, Teamwork, Papertoys, & Onesies


The BiGYEC continues to go from strength to strength with more members joining each month, bringing new ideas and businesses.  While its base continues to be the exciting Electric Works, next to the bus station in the city centre, it’s also going on the road, visiting venues in other areas of Sheffield so that people who find it hard to get to Electric Works can still benefit from the club’s activities.

As ever, there will be great speakers with specialist knowledge about how to set up and run businesses, along with fun activities designed to help members mix socially and learn about business at the same time.  But what makes the club so special is the informal atmosphere and the members themselves, who share their business experiences, good and bad, so that others can learn from their successes and mistakes…and maybe have a laugh at the same time!  It also offers great opportunities for collaboration so that members can benefit from the skills of others.

For example Alex Gwynne had a great idea for making papertoys which he could send anywhere in the world for free by providing a 2-D representation which the receiver can print, then fold and cut into a papertoy designed specifically for him or her.  Look at his website, to get a better idea of how this works.  This is such a great idea that Alex has featured on the BBC show, ‘Be your own boss’ and made the best impression of all his competitors…until he told the presenter that he didn’t need any investment money!  But he needed help to turn this idea into a money-making proposition.  Cue 2 other members of the club who could see the value of Alex’s idea and wanted to help him make money from it.

It’s this kind of teamwork that was celebrated at our latest event last night (Wednesday March 13th).   Students from Sheffield Hallam University’s volunteer force, Venture Matrix, gave a presentation and discussion about the benefits of teamwork and how to make it work effectively, followed by an exercise to let club members show their team-working abilities.

But the ultimate teamwork came at the end of the session when everyone was videoed doing a Harlem Shake, led by bravest of the brave, Akash Hashmi, in his very fetching onesie (see Video)

(by Nick Jeans)