Rebecca’s Blog


Hi everyone, I’m Rebecca. I design and make jewellery with a quirky twist. My unusual accessories are made from quality materials which I source from around the world. I run funkysprout for enjoyment (that’s blood, sweat and tears to you!) but I also run it out of the determination to get better and succeed. I love to design! I experiment and use both retro and modern inspiration to create my bold jewellery.

I generally re-stock every month or so. I take into account what my best sellers are and any new designs I would like to bring to life. I research to find the quality materials I need to make my jewellery. If I know I have a big event coming up I make sure I make sufficient products to sell. I continually respond to emails, update my website and monitor my online sales. Also, keeping detailed records and organising my finances is vital. All of this seems a lot of work, but it isn’t work if you’re enjoying what you’re doing. I find it’s also good to have a break; the best ideas come to me when I’m not thinking about my business at all!

I sometimes find squeezing my day into 24 hours very difficult but it’s great to be doing something no one else at school is doing. I’ve just completed my first year of studying for my GCSEs and so the pressure is on. I’m also a goal keeper at the Sheffield Water Polo Club, the North East Girls’ team and am part of the GB Talent squad all of which requires 5 nights training per week. Somehow I manage to stay sane while juggling schoolwork, funkysprout and water polo training but I’m still learning how to organise my time and to be aware of deadlines.

I have big plans for the future that will hopefully be taking shape very soon. I would like to produce designs using sterling silver, run workshops and get involved in jewellery parties.

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