BIlly Lingard – BiG YEC Member Profile

Raspberry Rock winner

Billy has been a part of the club since 2011. We caught up with him to find out a little bit more about him.


Whats your name and what are you interested in?

Personally there are quite a few things that I am interested in. When I’m at home I like to write some code this is usually for web development but also for offline based applications. I have a big interest in science based academic subjects such as physics, maths and chemistry. Although I do also enjoy art (painting, drawing ect.), basketball and I love listening to music.


Why did you come to the BiG YEC?

One of the guys who ran the BiG YEC came to my school (Ecclesfield School) and did a presentation letting us know what went on at the BiG YEC me and a couple of friends liked the sound of it so we went in early 2011 and we still regularly attend although I decided to go a little further with my participation.


How do you use sites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook?

Currently I don’t use Youtube to upload videos I simply use it to browse the current selection of media. I use Twitter and Facebook to share information about my interest, what I am currently doing, to keep involved in projects or groups I have been involved in or talk to people. I also use them to market any business I am involved with.


Why are you interested in business?

I have always had a passion for making money, that escalated when I started a business called Raspberry Rock and entered The BiG Challenge which I eventually went on to win an all expenses paid trip to Moscow, Russia alongside two now friends of mine Chikumo and Callum. Of Course all that was thanks to DLA Piper  who paid for the trip. The trip had an article written about it in the Sheffield Star which can be viewed here. Since this I have helped run and started new business which have failed and been very successful.


What have you learnt from making mistakes?

With Raspberry Rock I sat back and expected the sales to flow in themselves, they did for a short while else I wouldn’t have won the BiG Challenge although I soon realised this wasn’t a long term marketing solution and therefore was forced to close the business based on poor sales. A mistake I haven’t made since.


What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

My advice would be to not be afraid to fail as you often learn from mistakes, mistakes that can lead to bigger and better things. Secondly if you do have a good idea, thats great! But it’s best not to try and tackle the business world on your own, seek help. In this day and age there is plenty of help in the form of grants for young people, start ups and social enterprises, clubs such as the BiG YEC and competitions aimed at finding the next Lord Sugar in the form of The BiG Challenge, so get involved!


Billy’s Twitter: @BIllyLIngard