Dan Woolfall – BiG YEC Board Member Profile

Dan Woolfall

Dan has been part of the club since 2011 and is now a board member. We recently interviewed Dan to find out more about him.


What’s your name and what are you interested in?

I’m Dan and I enjoy doing lots of sport, my favourites are cycling and football. I also love to travel, seeing new places and learning about their culture. At home if I do get some spare time outside studying, I love to work on my own business and learn more about how businesses become successful.


Why did you come to the BiG YEC?

I came to YEC to meet likeminded people that I could both network with and learn from. After my first event I knew it was the place for me, I’ve enjoyed every one since!


Do you run a business currently?

The business that I have been involved with in the past few years is called Brooklyn Web Technologies, this business provides website and marketing services to small companies that are looking to get off the ground. At the end of secondary school and in my first year at sixth form the business had lots of regular clients here and internationally, but with A levels taking over last year I had to put it to one side for a bit. Hopefully i’ll be able to come back to it soon!


What have you learnt from making mistakes?

After making a few of the ‘typical business mistakes’ like not setting proper deadlines with clients or drawing up contracts properly, I quickly learnt that mistakes are a good rather than a bad thing, although they might not seem so at the time! The truth is that once you have done something wrong the first time and learnt from it, you tend to always get it right after that!


Why are you interested in business?

I am interested in business because I have always liked the idea of creating something, a product or a service, that helps people reach their goals. This could be advertising their company online in my case or receiving a product that does exactly what they need it to do, I think everyone needs business in some form or another.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

I would love to get my degree and hopefully a great job working for someone else. But after a few years of that I think I may want to go it alone and start a business myself, using everything that I will have learnt to make it successful!


What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to tell people about what you’re doing and ask for help from them if you need it. Being an entrepreneur is much easier when you have a network of people to call on. The YEC is a great place to start.


What is your Twitter handle/website?

Website: http://bwtechnology.co.uk/