FunkySprout Profile


The BiG YEC loves creative and friendly people, and they don’t come more creative and friendly than Rebecca. Her handmade jewellery business FunkySprout has a quirky twist and has been a huge success. Her passions for drawing and interest in business have been a winning combination!

After entering and winning the BiG Challenge Rebecca knew that designing jewellery was what she wanted to do as it allowed her to be creative. As well as running FunkySprout Rebecca also juggles a hectic sports schedule.
At such a young age and with so much else going on some people may have found it difficult but at Rebecca has taken it all in her stride.“I find my age is an advantage as many people seem to admire the fact that I am so young and enthusiastic about running a company.”

Having her own business means Rebecca is keeping her future career plans open. “I know I still have a lot to learn and I find information or advice from the BiG YEC really helpful.”

As well as picking up valuable advice Rebecca also enjoys the social aspects of the BiG YEC. “There’s a great atmosphere that’s very friendly, sociable and informal and everyone is enthusiastic and supportive.”

The BiG Young Entrepreneurs Club has helped Rebecca to develop the skills she needs for her future. “BiG YEC is extremely valuable to me. I look forward to each session and to learning more skills and meeting new people.”

“We’ve had many guest speakers and interactive sessions on how to give a presentation, business plans, marketing and branding, the list goes on! But it is much more than that. The BiG YEC is a bit like a family, you get to know everyone and make some great friends.”